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FxC1801 : DoNotUseParseAndTostringToConvertTypes

TypeName DoNotUseParseAndTostringToConvertTypes
CheckId FxC1801
Category FxCopContrib.Performance
Breaking Change Non-breaking


A type conversion has been detected that first converts a value to string and then tries to parse that string into a different type.

Rule Description

If a value is being converted from one type to another a loss of precision might occur if the value is first converted to string an then parsed again. For certain types (such as DateTime), round-tripping might not succeed depending on the culture settings. And converting values can often be done in a much faster way than round-tripping through string.

How to fix violations

To fix a violation of this rule, either use a direct cast, the as keyword or convert the value using Convert.ToDesiredType.

When to suppress warnings

There are no valid reasons to suppress this warning.


You are reading the value of a row from a DataReader. You want to retrieve the value as an Integer.

Bad Example
public void BadMethod(IDataReader reader)
     int value = int.Parse(reader.GetValue(1).ToString());

Good Example
public void GoodMethod(IDataReader reader)
     int value = reader.GetInt32(1);

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